B.Pharm Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutics

Mr.Yadav V. D.

Mr.Yadav V. D.
Head of Department

Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmacy field that carries the impression of pharmacy profession. In general it encompasses the areas that involve designing, formulation and presenting a therapeutically useful chemical entity in a most appropriate drug delivery system such as tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. The comprehensive study of this subject necessitates integration of physical, chemical and biological principles, as applicable to all the components of drug delivery systems. In the present scenario, the discovery of various drug entities has enabled the development of new drug delivery system, advanced production processes and the latest machinery for manufacture of superior quality products.

Pharmaceutics Department is equipped with state of art facilities giving hands on experience to B. Pharm. graduates. To meet the global needs in the area of formulation and development, we shape our students by exposing them to the research environment along with the routine curricula. The infrastructure comprises sophisticated equipments like ‘Automated 8 basket Dissolution test apparatus’, ‘8 station mini press’, ‘Brookfield viscometer’ etc. and have proved it's uniqueness in the department.