B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Mr.Pise Vilas Jagannath

Mr.Pise Vilas Jagannath
Head of Department

Chemistry is the science of change. By studying the basic properties of substances and the many transformations they undergo, the chemist finds solutions to scientific challenges and contributes to the development of new technologies. Discoveries in of new life saving drugs, solutions to environmental problems, new products to benefit consumers; all result from the work of chemists.

The pioneers of this department were rooted in physical, computational, analytical, synthetic and enzyme chemistry. This faculty helped to forge modern approaches for structure-based drug and protein design, mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy and computer-aided visualization of macromolecules. The group has flourished from this base and currently represents world-class leaders in drug and protein design, de novo protein structure prediction, proteomics, and synthetic and chemical biology. We seek to innovate computational, chemical, and biochemical approaches to deepen our understanding of the principles of molecular recognition and cell circuit design.

In Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory we perform the experiments like identification of organic & inorganic compounds, synthesis of organic compounds, purification and qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of it by performing chemical tests and using different sophisticated instruments.