About Library


Floor Area of the Library 150 s.q.m.
Seating Capacity 60
Total Collection
Titles 815
Volumes 6372
e-Books (CD/DVDROMs)
Titles 228
Volumes 228
Total Titles: 1043 Volumes: 6600
Total Subscribed Journals
Print Journals 14
Online Journals (Delnet) 85
Thesis (M.Pham) 28
Project Reports (B.Pham) 335
Method of Classification D.D.C
Library Atomization Library Management with Barcode System
Total Investment of Library 32,14,587/-
Library Services
1. Book Lending Service
2. Book Bank Facility
3. Access to Online Journals (Delnet/ NDL)
4. Reading Room Facility
5. Reprographic Service
6. Model Answer Paper
7. Library Book Recommendation Form
8. Library Service Feedback Form
9. News Papers
Working Hours
  09.00am to 06.00pm
  09.00am to 02.00pm
(Sunday & Other Holidays)
  09.00pm to 12.00 Midnight
(During Examination)